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Philips Respironics Nuance headgear is a combination product containing fabric headgear and attached nasal gel pillows to deliver a more complete mask product. Philips Nuance headgear is the first and only total nasal pillow mask configuration. Gel nasal pillows improve sleep therapy and quality of sleep by forming a tighter seal around nostrils without added pressure or irritation. The flexible cloth Philips Respironics headgear frame is lightweight and soft to the touch. Welcome to the future of sleep apnea care.


Available in sizes large, medium and small.


Shorter tubing prevents detachment of the tube from the mask while reducing pressure. Contains a built-in retaining ring to keep gel nasal pillows in place and is set in a swivel to accommodate movement without pulling or detaching.

Optimal for Travel

The Nuance CPAP mask breaks down into four individual pieces, making it compact and easy to travel with.


The mask is light grey with a blue headband


Rated more comfortable than the leading pillow mask by users, this headgear offers:

  • Gel pillow for better seal and comfort
  • Fabric or gel padded frame options
  • Comfortable non-slip headgear that stays in place while you sleep
  • Reduced nasal irritation

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