DreamStation Go Travel CPAP


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Our sleep design has 1/3 fewer components to pack than other travel PAPs, and DreamStation Go offers the same therapy and comfort features enjoyed by 5 million PAP users.

Compact Footprint: Built in power supply reduces the number of parts to carry. With these dimensions of 15 cm L X 15 cm W x 5.8 cm H, it fits easily even into a small bag, light and discreet. It can be carried anywhere. A pouch for mask and tubing is included in the kit.

Built-in USB charging port: Allows for easy charging of cell phones or other devices, leaving outlets available for lamps, alarm clocks, etc. Convenient for travel.

For Airplane Travel: For your convenience at security stations in airports, there is a note on the bottom of the device stating that it is medical equipment and is suitable for airline use. The device is suitable for use on airlines when it is operating from an AC power source or battery pack. Contact the airline prior to departure for information on power source available in flight. This device automatically compensates for altitude up to 7,500 feet. No manual adjustment is necessary.

Quick and Simple Setup and Easy Navigation: Adjust device settings and view therapy information with DreamStation Go’s colourful and intuitive touch screen. Take advantage of our MyStart feature that allows you to set the starting pressure for Auto CPAP therapy that is most comfortable for you. If the default air pressure feels too high or too low while trying to fall asleep you can simply adjust the MyStart pressure setting up or down, allowing you to fall asleep more comfortably.

Micro-flexible Tubing: Included with your DreamStation Go purchase, the new 12mm micro-flexibe tubing is Philips smallest and lightest we’ve ever offered, providing enhanced packability, flexibility and freedom of movement while you sleep. Fast and easy click connections on each end of the tubing. Features a slim connection to our DreamWear mask, and includes a 22mm ISO adapter for other masks.

Bluetooth is Standard in Every Device: Allows the ability to track and monitor your combined progress across both home and portable PAPs.

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