LiViliti X5L UVC LED Disinfecting Wand



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Using advanced ultraviolet light technology, the Liviliti X5L UVC LED sanitizing wand disinfects CPAP equipment and everyday personal items safely and effectively. The portable wand makes sanitizing  quick and easy, no matter where you are!

Functional Design

The Liviliti X5L UVC LED sterilizer wand is both functional and easy to use. The portable UV sanitizer light is great for home use, office use and traveling on-the-go. The lightweight travel sanitizing wand can be easily stored in a car, handbag, backpack or luggage to disinfect your items quickly and efficiently while you’re away.

The UVC LED sanitizing wand can be applied to CPAP masks and equipment, sofas, countertop surfaces, door handles, keyboards, toilet seats, packages and so much more. Simply press the button and scan for immediate disinfection!

The Liviliti X5L UVC LED sanitizing wand is designed for maximum safety, with a built-in smart sensor that automatically shuts off the wand when it is overturned during the disinfection process. The on/off switch has a fast double-click function to prevent children from using the device. For additional child safety, the travel sanitizing wand also features a child lock located at the base of the unit.

Package Contents:

1 LIVILITI X5L Pro Disinfection Wand

Travel Bag

Safety Glasses

Micro USB charging cable


Additional information

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