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The Lumin UV sanitizer from 3B Medical offers a safe, fast and easy way to disinfect CPAP masks and accessories, as well as other household and personal care items. The Lumin CPAP cleaning machine uses powerful UV light contained in a safe chamber to kill bacteria in a disinfection cycle time of just five minutes!

The Lumin CPAP sanitizer is a safe, cost-effective alternative to harsher, more expensive CPAP equipment cleaning devices on the market today. The Lumin CPAP cleaner has a 99.9% kill rate for harmful bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus without the use of harmful ozone. With a simple, one-touch operation, you can clean your CPAP accessories and other items easily, in no time!

Safe and Effective UV Light Disinfection

The Lumin UV sanitizer uses a strong UV light to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses present on the items placed inside the device. The Lumin relies on a low-pressure mercury-arc lamp designed to produce the highest amounts of UV energy. UV light is an effective disinfectant that does not use harsh chemicals and is used in the healthcare industry for a variety of purposes.

For safety and protection from UV rays, the Lumin CPAP cleaner utilizes a shutoff mechanism that engages when the drawer opens, ensuring that the user is not exposed to any UV light.

Quick, Five-Minute Cycle

One of the Lumin UV sanitizer’s most convenient features is its fast cleaning cycle. The Lumin operates on a five-minute cycle after which items inside are disinfected and safe to be used immediately. Simply pull the Lumin tray out, place the item inside, close the tray, and press the power button. In five minutes the Lumin will beep to indicate the cycle is finished, and the items can be removed and used!

Maintenance-Free Design with No Replacement Parts

The Lumin CPAP sanitizer’s easy-to-use design makes sleep device mask and accessory cleaning hassle-free with no need for water or chemicals. The Lumin does not require ongoing maintenance, upkeep or replacement parts. The body of the device and tray can be wiped down, if needed, with a soft, non-abrasive cloth if it becomes dirty. The UV bulb inside the Lumin is intended to last the device’s lifetime, however, it can be replaced if necessary.

Cleans Anything That Fits

Although a great way to clean CPAP masks and water chambers, the Lumin is not limited to sanitizing only CPAP items. Any non-living item which can fit inside the Lumin tray can be sanitized. This includes common items that require cleaning such as toothbrushes, dentures, hearing aids, keys, cellphones, video game controllers and more.


  • Safely disinfects equipment
  • Effective UV light system
  • Quick, five-minute cycle
  • Non-CPAP item sanitization
  • Easy-to-use design
  • No scheduled replacement item

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