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Recommendations for CPAP related items to be replaced

Some of the biggest frustrations to know when your equipment and/or supplies need to be replaced.   Some important guidelines or rules of thumb:

  • Your CPAP machine should be replaced every five years to take advantage of the technology improvements to improve the quality of your sleep.  Most insurance companies will reimburse for a new unit after five years of usage.
  • Masks over time wear out.  Facial oils, makeup, lotions and general use will usually last approximately six months.  All manufacturers recommend replacing the entire mask/frame/headgear every six months.
      • the cushion should be replaced every 3 months, when managing your mask its a full replacement twice a year and two cushions twice a year.  Using this recommendation would give you a nice new supple mask every 3 months and fresh headgear every six.
  • Heated/Standard tubing should be replaced every six months  or when you notice wear and stress marks.
  • Filters  rotation and replacement is dependent on the type of CPAP machine you own.  But generally you will replace your disposable filter once per month.  If you have a non disposable filter, it should be replaced every six months.
  • Water chamber (humidifier reservoir) if cleaned and disinfected regularly can go six months to a year before replacing it.  some of the most common symptoms is a poor seal which will cause a leak.