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ResMed’s HumidX waterless humidifiers take portable humidification to the next level. HumidX humidifiers are small, lightweight filters designed to provide comfortable and effective humidification. Without the need for a traditional water-based heated humidifier, the ResMed AirMini humidifiers make sleep therapy convenient whether you’re at home or away.

How It Works
HumidX technology requires no power, water or bulky humidifier. Instead, it uses Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) technology to capture the air’s warmth and humidity before it escapes through the vent for a warmer, more natural breath in. In passing through the exchange, heat and moisture loss are minimized.

HumidX can be inserted directly between the mask connector and the vent, providing effective waterless humidification at a compact, effective and comfortable level. Heat and moisture from every exhale are captured and stored within the HME’s paper ridges. When you inhale, the heat and moisture collected are released for warm, comfortable air throughout your sleep.

Simple, Easy-to-Use Design
The disposable AirMini Humidx humidifiers are easy to use and don’t require any washing. Simply replace the HumidX after 30 days of use. The HumidX is specifically optimized for dry and high altitude environments where humidity levels are low.

HumidX is compatible with the AirFit N20 and AirFit P10 masks that are purchased with the AirMini device. In order to support the design, the tube and elbow connection differs from the current AirFit N20 and AirFit P10 masks. Please Note: This product is only compatible with the mask setup provided for the N20 and P10 masks associated with the AirMini™ travel machine.

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