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Travel CPAP for Camping

By July 19, 2021No Comments

Are you ready for a camping trip this summer, but concerned about your sleep apnea? Good news! You don’t have to sacrifice a good night’s sleep to spend an adventurous weekend in the woods with travel CPAP. Whether you’re camping in an RV, tenting it in the mountains or spending the night in your car, we’ve got you covered with the best travel CPAP options for camping.

Best Travel CPAP for Camping

You don’t have to worry about hauling along your large CPAP machine on your next camping trip with these efficient portable CPAP machines for adventurers on the go! Get the most out of your outdoor excursions with restful, restorative sleep.

AirMini CPAP Machine

The ResMed AirMini CPAP machine makes camping and a good night’s sleep easy for sleep apnea patients, even in high altitudes of up to 8,500 feet. The smallest portable CPAP machine on the market today, the AirMini is designed to provide a quality sleep therapy experience anywhere. Using a waterless humidification system, the AirMini delivers the comfort and sleep benefits of humidification without the hassle of carrying distilled water for portable convenience.

The AirMini is easy to use with simple one-button operation. It works in conjunction with the AirMini app, which tracks usage data, provides a daily sleep score and allows you to adjust comfort settings from your mobile device. The AirMini CPAP device must be plugged into power to operate, so make sure you have a power source available to you. The AirMini travel bag will fit your AirMini and CPAP accessories perfectly, making it even easier to travel with while adventuring!

Speak to CPAP Select’s team of healthcare professionals to find out which CPAP masks are compatible with the AirMini.

DreamStation Go Travel CPAP

The Philips Respironics DreamStation Go travel CPAP machine’s streamlined design and compact footprint make camping with your CPAP simple. Using fewer components than most travel CPAP machines and a built-in power supply, the DreamStation Go fits easily into a small protective bag that can be carried anywhere.

The DreamStation Go’s micro-flexible tubing provides enhanced packability, flexibility and freedom of movement while you sleep. The device also uses water-saving technology to eliminate a bulky humidifier, while also allowing you to use tap or bottled water– whichever is most convenient for you while camping!

The DreamStation Go allows you to breathe comfortably throughout the night even if you’re camping off the grid with an overnight rechargeable lithium battery. The CPAP device also has a built-in USB charging port for convenient charging of other devices while camping, like cell phones. You can easily adjust settings and view your personal therapy information from your device with DreamStation Go’s intuitive touch screen. Bluetooth allows the ability to track and monitor your combined progress across both home and portable CPAP devices.